Using a mobile Notary Safely

Notary services are used when documents need to be signed and authenticated. With the unprecedented pandemic in play, there are changes to how and where notaries will perform.

During the lockdown and closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, those seeking notarization still can do so safely, simply by contacting the Bay Area’s own Accurate Loan Signing Agency as we feature a mobile notary service.

Mobile notaries are individual notaries who travel to a customer’s location to perform notarizations or Apostille signatures on documents. When your mobile notary arrives follow safety protocols including setting up a safe location, the Agent acting as your Notary Public may practice safe physical distance while observing the customer sign a document.  All California notaries public may consider the following guidelines to assist in maintaining proper social distancing:

  1. When the notary arrives at the agreed upon location they will practice safe distancing, but do also let them know that you want to maintain a safe distance to adhere to CDC guidelines.
  2. From the CDC prescribed safe distance, the notary will need to verify the identity of the individual appearing before them needing notarial services.
  3. From the protocols using a safe distance, the notary will sanitize a clipboard and pen in order to perform the notarial act with the customer, including all journal entries.
  4. Once the notary public has made their necessary legal journal entries, they may wish to step back to gain more distance while the customer signs the legally required notarial journal and uses the inkpad to enter their thumbprint, if needed. The notary public will enact these steps all while still maintaining control and direct line of sight of the journal.
  5. Once the notarization is complete, the notary will return the notarized document back to the customer and ask for the required payment if the customer is paying for the service.
  6. In the event of a loan signing that is being paid by a third party the notary will ensure that all pages of the document were signed, ensure you have a copy and return the signed documents to the party that ordered the signatures.